We do a preschool wide faith values program with a regular chapel.  Children will learn many songs and also experience our Puppet Theatre.  We strongly believe that parents are the most important faith mentors of their children and are crucial in how a child’s faith values are fine-tuned to his or her own family’s faith expressions.  We are blessed to have families of diverse confessional communities and in our chapel we present the common values of faith while acknowledging our own Episcopal tradition which is based upon respecting the dignity of every person.
Below: Singing in chapel, learning how a pipe organ works, a puppet show and
a mom sharing with us the Hanukkah tradition.





Setting up the Crèche and telling the Christmas Story



Puppet Show Scripts

Puppet Show on Patience September 26, 2018 Patience while riding in a bus

Puppet Show for September 16-16 on Patience  Puppet Show.september 15, 2018 Patience

Puppet Show for September 5, 2018 on Patience: September 5. 2018 Waiting for my birthday Patience (1)

Puppet Show for August 22, 2018: Puppet Show.August 22, 2018 Welcome

Puppet Show for November 1, 2017 Preschoolpuppetshow11.01.2017Meaningof Halloween

Puppet Show. October 18.2017 Halloween Safety

Puppet Show for September 20,2017Preschoolpuppetshow9.20.2017 Awesome

Puppet Show for September 13, 2017  Preschoolpuppetshow9.13.2017 Wonder

Puppet Show for August 30, 2017 Puppet Show.August 30.2017 Friendship

Puppet Show for August 24 Preschoolpuppetshow8.24.2016