Ms. Lisa Black, Director and Teacher

Welcome to St. John’s Preschool!

My name is Lisa Black, Director of St. John’s Preschool.  Welcome to our delightful Preschool Community.   I am in my fifth year as Director, after teaching for the previous nine years at St. John’s.  As Director I stay close to the classroom and the students.  I cherish the traditions that we have here in the St. John’s Preschool community.  I am also a proud mom of three grown daughters.  And I am a proud grandmother.   When I go shopping it is wonderful to meet so many children whom I’ve taught here and their families.  As Director, my goal is to be accessible to the parents and to build the best possible teaching team to create an environment for our children to come into their unique gifts and learn social interaction skills in a safe and friendly setting.  I love the classroom.  This is our second year partnering with the Gavilan Student Teacher Mentoring Program.  I am also a member of a Preschool Advisory Board representing parochial Preschool Programs.  We are excited for these connections which enable us to keep current with the latest in Preschool education.

Welcome to our website! I hope that you will come here regularly as we will use it, and our Facebook Page to make every effort to keep our community informed and up to date.  We will post our calendars and we encourage our teachers to post class activities each day so parents can connect with the classroom of their child. This will allow parents to have informed talking points with their children at home about the learning events of the day.  Beyond being a Preschool we hope that we can be a resource for our community.  Thanks for visiting our website.