Preschool Board

The Preschool Board of St. John’s Preschool is made up of members from St. John the Divine parish.  They offer their various areas of expertise for the support and management of the Preschool.


Ex-officio:  Jane R. Russell,  Senior Warden of St. John the Divine Episcopal Church

Ms. Lisa Black, Preschool Director

Trish Gillotte

Trish is a dental hygienist and mother of two.  She also does accounting for the preschool.

Aimee Fiorito

Aimee is genetics counselor.  She has had three children attend St. John’s Preschool and she has helped the school develop evaluation reviews.

Pat Soles

Pat is a retired teacher and elementary school administrator.  She advises, visits classes and is available as a mentor for teachers.  She also does curriculum review.

Jane Devine

Jane is the Spiritual Director for the Labyrinth Guild of St. John the Divine Parish.  She has a had a career in therapy specializing in Movement Therapy.  She visits our classes to teach our children simple but effective movement for exercise and relaxing.  She gives in-service training to our teachers in movement and interactive play.

Joan Best

Joan is recently retired from a career as a teacher in the Morgan Hill Unified School district.  Along with many years of teaching experience she brings to our board experience in the area of elementary special education.

Jayne Perryman

Jayne Perryman has an impressive background in banking.  She is the finance manager for the Preschool and the Parish.